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The new digital percussion stomper from Logjam. Video coming very soon!

Trigger And Mix…

This unit can be used on its own or you can, in addition, trigger extra internal sounds loaded onto the Micro SD card..This is achieved by attaching any stomper to the AUX socket. You can also simultaneously mix the sound of, say, a Prolog for your kick via the “Log In” socket. This means that you can have a total of 3 drum sounds available to you at the same time. The internal volume and tone controls (accessed via the front panel display) allow you to independently control your sounds. If you’re struggling with only a few inputs on your amp, you can plug your guitar through the Chameleon and mix together with your drum sound into one input.

Use Your Own Samples…

We realised that the drum sounds any musician wants to hear are going to vary so we decided to include a Micro SD card slot ready to load with your own choice of samples. We do, of course, provide some presets but the ability to make your kick or snare drum sound whichever way you want is an innovation in the world of stomping. In addition to this, you could use your SD card to play backing tracks (for example).

Big Power…

One great feature of the Chameleon is the ability to either run it from an internal battery, an android phone charger OR power brick (5 volts using a standard micro USB connector). Battery life is absolutely phenomenal … forget the dreaded dead PP3 scenario! Your Chameleon will stay charged for 24 hours or more… so if you’re out doing open-air gigs it’s one less thing to worry about.

A Balanced Log…

Balanced Neutrik combo socket output accepting either a male XLR or 1/4″ jack plug.

Built To Last…

With a release date of 7 October 2019, we are still accepting preorders for our brand new beast! For the first 100 preorders taken exclusively through our new website, we are offering an amazing package so don’t miss out as time is running out:

Covered by our 3 year guarantee (just register through our website) and designed & built by hand from quality materials in Great Britain.

Numbered, limited edition.

Exclusive choice of colour plates – all preorders of the first 100 units will have a choice of a range of colours. After preorders close, the unit will launch in orange & white.

Free personalisation

Chameleon travel bag

Logjam Care Kit

£10 voucher to use against any other stomper on our website

Developed over 2 years and multifunctional, the Chameleon changes to suit your unique sound. The possibilities are endless!

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