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Logjam News August 2016

Hello to our Logging friends everywhere…and that includes musicians from across the globe. We have been busy in Logworld…the creative folks in the denizens of the Logjam organisation have been toiling ceaselessly to improve and create…

We will be unvailing new models in 2017 and as always, looking to find practical and entertaining solutions to problems that engage the ingenuity of those of us concerned with making Logjam foot percussion.

We now have a new .es Logjam site for those speaking Spanish and we will  shortly introduce the Logjam.fr site for French speakers also…

We will be once again exhibiting at NAMM in Anaheim California in 2017 at the same location as last year…that is Stand 1433 in Hall E (that is where the creativity is at NAMM…all the new cool stuff is there)…and you can hear yourself think. So if you fancy California in January then get yourself over there. Just the incredible diversity of musicians and musicianship is worth the trip and if you are from the UK, then what is not to like about warmth and music during our most challenging time of year?

Ukulele enthusiasts please look out for our Logjam promotion featuring the incredibly talented Ben Rouse… our impending mailout will include voucher discounts for our Logjam Travelog 2.

Thanks to all our Logjam customers and please let us know if there is any way we can help you. We are interested in your ideas and your comments so please get in touch through the website or, if you prefer by telephone. We are listening.

# TheLogather


PS check out this vid with the amazing Terl Bryant demoing the Logjam Microlog 2




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