Endorsees, The NAMM Show 2018 & Terl Bryant


We are always keen to welcome good musicians into the fold and we have recently added the amazing Scott Matthews, the incredibly zany Mother Ukers, and UK Country Award winner Zenne Kober to our growing list of endorsees. We like to keep up to speed with all our endorsees on Facebook Twitter and Instagram so please sign up and follow us on our social media pages.

We will be heading over to the NAMM show in January 2018 and this year The Logfather will be updating the blog during the show and adding photos and video content to give you a feel of what it’s all about. We have exhibited at this event for around 6 years now and it’s always full of colour and accomplished musicians virtually everywhere you look, not to mention so much in the way of new products. The outside sound stage is always fantastic but probably The Logfather’s favourite performance was from Tower of Power …what a wonderful feel…the whole of Convention Way was jumping to those soul grooves.

Our good friend Terl Bryant has been putting together one or two new videos to showcase Logjam instruments.We are delighted that he will also be appearing on the Logjam stand at NAMM. Terl is a drummer and percussionist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business so don’t forget to drop by and ask his advice on all things Logjam.

16. October 2017 by 25f598
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