Logjam Centenary & Special Edition Prolog


Yes it’s true, we have now been making Logjam stompers for 10 years. We made the very first Mk1 Logs in 2007 and since then we have exported our British hand-made instruments all over the world.We are very proud of what we have achieved. We don’t employ third world slave labour, but have instead become  a small, dedicated team working from Tudor,half-timbered buildings which were erected in the 16th century…you can’t get much more English than that.

In order to celebrate our 10 years of production we have decided to produce a limited edition of the Logjam Prolog, our top of the range and most popular instrument. This numbered edition of 25 specially plated units will go on sale within the next fortnight.


They won’t cost any more than our standard Prolog and will come with a Logjam gig bag worth £14.95. Not only that, but we are including a free Logjam care kit with each unit sold. Keep checking our website and social media pages for more information.


With kind regards to all our friends out there


27. October 2017 by 25f598
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