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Logjam News … New Logjam Care Kits,Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme.


Over the years we have had numerous requests to explain how to care for your Logjam stomper. As a result we have decided to produce a care kit which will be all you need to rejuvenate your Prolog,Logarhythm,Travelog, Microlog or Rattlebox.

We have a special offer at the moment which means you can get a care kit absolutely free with one of our gold plated Logjam Prolog Limited Edition models.These also come with a free gig bag and as we haven’t got many left, make sure you get yours now… they are only available on our website.

We are also continuing our Black Friday Deal until tomorrow and with this you will get a FREE Care Kit when you purchase ANY Logjam stompbox.(Offer applies in UK & EU only.)

As you may have gathered, if you take a keen interest in our Instagram page, The Logfather is a great enthusiast for the Scottish Terrier or “Black Aberdeen” (not to be confused with the white West Highland Terrier). The Logfather’s dog Maisie Moo (pictured) is a rescue dog. Moo spent the first 5 years of her life on a puppy farm.As you may be aware these places are often pretty cruel and many Scotties end up being ill-treated and kept in appalling conditions.The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) looks after and finds homes for some of these strange and loveable little creatures and so us Logjam folks have decided that STECS will be our given charity. All web sales will generate a 1% donation to STECS…starting right away. In the future, when you buy a Logjam stomper from us you will be giving a donation to a charity which does some genuine good in the world and makes people smile.

If you would like to know more about STECS or would like to adopt a Scottie click on the link below.



Have a Stompingly Good Christmas Everybody.

28. November 2017 by 25f598
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