Musing on Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018


It’s been many years since The Logfather first picked up a guitar. It was a time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and that first cheap Russian 6 string instrument had a neck that was reminiscent of a banana.My parents assumed it was just a fad so didn’t feel that a large investment was appropriate. Needless to say it was about as useful as a banana in musical terms.There was certainly no way I was going to sound like my hero of the time… Hank Marvin… well he’s still a hero in fact.

This week at Frankfurt Musikmesse I’ve been thinking about what makes us want to play music.I’ve been musing on the fact that there are thousands of instruments of every type which are readily available to any young man or woman who wants to “have a go”.Even the cheap stuff is playable. No more bent necks or plywood specials. But has something been lost?

All around are brilliant people playing in exceptional ways. Lots of young talent. Great musicians of the future. And maybe this will sound begrudging and a little silly but I miss the way it was. Perhaps it will seem like an old fossil being nostalgic. It’s just that I feel we have replaced a wonderful simplicity with a world of ever-expanding technique and technology. I find it rather soulless and exhausting.

The things which moved me at The Messe were a bunch of guys playing a percussion jam (pictured)…and how they played…like their lives depended on it…and a guy demonstrating how to “make” a cymbal…he just had a hammer… “and that reminds me of a song” …was he “hammering out a warning” I wonder?


17. April 2018 by 25f598
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