Save The Snakes

There are many people who are , perhaps understandably, frightened of snakes. And of course, nobody wants to be poisoned by a King Cobra. But they are part of the rich biodiversity of our planet, and like so many other creatures they are endangered. They are rather wonderful and contrary to popular belief , not slimy, but dry to the touch. To feel a snake in your hands is a rather magical and curious thing.

It is because of our concern that we have launched our new Prolog Black Mamba Special Edition. For a short period we are offering these at the same price as our standard Prolog … and bearing in mind that they come with a free Logjam gig bag and Special Edition Black Mamba keyring they are a bargain.

Helping to Save The Snakes

In addition, we have teamed up with and we will be donating £1.00 for each Prolog Black Mamba Edition sold from our website… so you can help too when you invest in one. Please go to the savethesnakes website and take a look.

Read about Kamal Devkota and his efforts to educate the citizens of Nepal with regard to snakes. If you have a chance also check out Vava Suresh whose amazing career in saving snakes in Kerala India has led to him being shortlisted for the BBC Outlook International Inspiration Award.

Thanks for reading…I’ll be back soon with some more Logjam news… keep on stomping !!!


03. May 2018 by 25f598
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