The Logfather’s take on a popular musical pastime…


“Do you know this one guys?”
“You MUST know it, EVERYBODY knows this?”
“How does it go?”
“Not quite sure.”
“Do you have a chart bro?”
“A chart?”
“Well it goes like this:”
“It’s a little bit funny… erm…this feeling inside… I’m er not one er … how does it go Dave?”
(From across the void…)
“How about this one?”
“What key do you do it in man?”
“Key? Er hang on dude, I think I sing it in… wait a moment…er try it in A…no C …let’s do it in Db.”
” I’m sorry man, but I only play blues.”
“Well this is sort of bluesy… you’ll get the hang of it…it’s just a turnaround …with a few passing chords.”
“I just love this really obscure track by Stan Butcher … you must have heard of him right???”
“Erm… oh yeah, wasn’t he the guy who was convicted on 17 counts of rape in new Orleans in 1924?”
“Yeah that’s right but it wasn’t really true… anyway it’s got this really dissonant thing going on which is great with bassoon, double bass and zither”
“Does anybody know “Streets of London”?”

19. July 2018 by 25f598
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