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Hello to all out there who are using or have an interest in one of our Logjam stompers.

The world is going through a crisis what with global warming , here in Britain “Brexit”, and the divisive politics that are currently rife here and elsewhere. At Logjam we are continually looking to change and improve what we do, both in the way we make our instruments and the materials that we use and so to do what we can in our small way to promote a feeling of well-being.

One of the big issues highlighted by David Attenborough is the problem of single use plastics. Now we currently wrap our units in a plastic bubble bag. We checked recently to see if there is an economic paper alternative… as far as we can see there is nothing on the market at all which would perform the same task. We have therefore decided to use corrugated cardboard as a way to cut down on plastic waste. Perhaps you imagine this is to save money? Not at all ! Each unit will then have to be individually wrapped in a painstaking way which will involve labour costs. The upshot will be more expense… for us. We think it’s worth it. We will be rolling this out initially on the smaller instruments but with the intention of including the whole range.

We would be interested to hear from you on your views about sustainable timber and possible alternatives. We currently use Sapele, which is certificated timber brought in from Africa. As with most woods though, there may ultimately be a problem with the use of many of them in instrument construction. We have already seen the effect that the CITES regulations have had on the use of rosewood in guitar construction. It is probable that these regulations will be extended to the use of other timbers. We have looked at using Richlite ( a semi-synthetic material used now in place of ebony in guitar fingerboards) but this is hideously expensive and only seems to work in fingerboards because of the very thin strip of material needed and the huge cost of ebony… if you can even get hold of it. Once more, an endangered species. So there you have it… answers on a postcard etc.

On to a happier subject… we will again be exhibiting at NAMM, Anaheim, California in 2019. We will be in the same booth as last year Hall E #1411 (Show dates are from 24-27 Jan. 2019). Come and see us ! We will have our new instrument on display and all our old favourites too… talking of old favourites, The Logfather will be around to chat about Logjam and we have been really lucky to get our old friend Terl Bryant to come along to the show to do some demos for us. We gather there is a possibility that virtuoso guitarist Chris Woods will also be on the Log Stand. We are looking forward to it. It’s a wonderful show.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


26. October 2018 by 25f598
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