Marko Balland

From blues harmonica player, Marko part in the US in 1985 to play with the most formidable of the planet blues musicians. On returning to Paris he formed his first blues band: “Golden blues band” where he skims the shows of France. He played with many bluesmen in Paris also, notably with “Marwa Right” to “Banlieu Bleu!” Having discovered rock through Jimi Hendrix, Marko Balland released a tribute album to this one as the Marko A donf’experience. He participated in several studio sessions for known albums! Participated in the creation of recording studios “Le Chantier” In Montreuil (Paris). Released in late 2010 with a double single featuring the tracks “Pas Touche” and “Le Ciel Va. ..”.

2012 – 2013

The output of the second album by Marko Balland “Dentelles Hurlantes” really says the universe and style of this singer … Between harmonica blues and metal, Marko Balland is probably unquestionably harmonica player as his rock generation !! The powerful sound of his guitar harmonica very oscillates between Jimi Hendrix and Reeves Gabrels … The text of Mr Boris Bergman (Baschung) make her music a beautiful French signing while keeping the musicality of Rock n ‘Roll in France … and finally, the Marseilles trio to big rhythm guitar and bass sounds definitely pushes the metal rock sound on this disc … with the exceptional collaboration of Boris Bergman(Lyrics) and Stéphane Avellaneda (drummer of Ana Popovic) on the instrument No button. Early 2012: Release of the album “Lace Howling” recorded in part at Studio Le Chantier in Paris and Freaky Dog Studio @ Marseille. Output of remastering tribute to Jimmy Hendrix.

He began recording his first blues album with Ana Popovic’s musicians and recorded the first single Lazy and Far Away From Love

Marko Balland joins the Nasser Ben Dadoo group “Hat Man Session” in 2014

With NasserBen Dadoo (Guitar / vocals), Mattieu Tomy (Double bass) Alexis Voisin (Drums)

Recording of “Dog n Wolf” 2015, Laureate in Blues sur Seine in 2015,

EPK recording “Long way Home” 2016

Recording on the album “The White RattleSnake” 2016

2017 joined “Sanseverino”

You can find Marko’s website here.

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