About Logjam

Logjam was put together by veteran guitarist and songwriter Howard Bragen aka “The Logfather”. Much Perrier Water has flowed under the bridge since the early days in 2007-8 and Logjam stompers are now the instrument of choice for pro players the world over.

We formed an early friendship with virtuoso guitar player and stompmeister extraordinaire Chris Woods and to this day we make a Prolog sporting his signature (available on special order). Chris came with us to many of the trade shows and we think of him as our oldest friend and associate.

We have been the brand leader now for over 10 years, and in the course of that time we have worked with a lot of very talented musicians. Our idea in creating this new website has been to give greater emphasis to those who make the music… each of our artists has their own page and that is how it should be. We are also always open to potential endorsees getting in touch … have a great performance you would like us to share? … send us your video.

If you sign up and join our community, there are exclusive offers available including competitions, digital downloads, discount codes and other content that we’ve made available just for our members! So, register here and get involved!

We still manufacture all our units individually and by hand in the UK. We have a small and dedicated team of people and we care about what we do. If anything ever goes wrong with one of our instruments we sort it out, and this is true of any Logjam stomper that we have ever made. We are proud that we make our instruments in Britain. If you wish to do so, please check out our Social Media sites on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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