Welcome to “The Logjam Community”

I’ve been in and around the music scene all my life, starting with my first tentative efforts to form bands when still at school in the late 1960’s. It was a very different time then. Prog rock and flower power… a heady, exciting environment but one which was to change drastically by the mid 70’s with the rise of punk rock and the “New Wave”.

Making a record was a difficult and expensive thing to achieve in those days but now most musicians can easily make high-quality digital recordings on a computer. I remember thinking how amazing it would be when we could all record our new compositions on a PC or a Mac. I didn’t know then that although it would democratise music-making, it would also, somehow make things difficult in other ways. Now a successful muso gets a million hits on YouTube before any recording deal shows up…after all, if everybody can do it, then the competition becomes fiercer.

I don’t think a lot of the changes have been that great in the end and I feel quite nostalgic about the old days… our Logjam stompers were created to embody some of the ethos of the old times when if you saw “Made in England” on an amp you would associate that with quality. We make our instruments by hand in Herefordshire England. We take care to do everything properly and we offer really good customer service too. We are not a faceless and impersonal company knocking out products in the Far East.

Our new Chameleon digital stomper, due for release on June 21st 2019 will be made here just like all the rest. By purchasing one of our stompers you are supporting people who live and work in Britain and we in turn, will provide you with some stompingly good fun.


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