Q: Do I need to use a special cable to plug in my Logjam stomper?
A: No a standard guitar lead with a normal ¼” /6.35 mm jack (Phone) is all you need.

Q: Will my Logjam stomper sound better through a PA or bass amp?
A: With the exception of the Rattlebox our stompers are designed to emulate a bass drum. Small speakers are not able to reproduce real bass frequencies so although our stompers will work when connected to smaller systems, they work best through a PA or bass amp. A tiny 15watt practice amp won’t cut the mustard!

Q: How can I look after the finish of my Logjam stomper?
A: Once the surface gets worn you can give the unit a light sand with some fine grade sandpaper, wipe off with white spirit and then apply some Linseed oil which is what we use to protect the natural wood.

Q: I get a “popping sound” when I use my Logjam. Why doesn’t it sound bassy?
A: Please check that you haven’t raised the input gain on your amp too high. This can trigger an overload which will make your unit sound too high-pitched.

Q: Will my Logjam “feedback” at high level?
A: No our units are not prone to feedback but it is advisable to keep your unit at some distance from a speaker (in the same way you would do with a guitar or microphone) when at high volume.

Q: Are Logjam instruments environmentally friendly?
A: Yes all our stompers are made from high- quality sustainable, certificated timber.

Q: If my Logjam develops a fault will you help me?
A: Yes we offer a very generous repair service. We always try to be helpful to anyone who has an interest in our products.

Q: Do Logjam stompers use a piezo pick-up?
A: No we don’t use piezos as they generally don’t sound that good and are not known for good longevity in this application.The capsules we use are all tested prior to leaving our workshops.

Q: Do I need to use a preamp with a Logjam unit?
A: No, it is not generally necessary to use a preamp.

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