Michelle Shepherd

* Worship Leader

                    * Conference Speaker

                                                  * Director Of Music

   Michelle is a national speaker and clinician for CMS (Christian Musician Summits) .  She also contributes to and writes for Worship Musician Magazine. Michelle’s Workshops  and conference topics include:

Worship vs. Entertainment. Violin in Worship, Vocal Excellence, and Raising The Next Generation of Worship Leaders.

* Michelle is currently the Worship Arts Director and also leads worship at The Crossing Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV. 

* Since 2009, Michelle and her husband Vance Shepherd own and operate The Shepherd School Of Music in Las Vegas.  They specialize in raising up the next generation of worship leaders by teaching them excellence in music, and providing opportunities for them to lead worship at churches around the Las Vegas valley. 

* Michelle has 17 years of prior professional experience touring internationally as an entertainer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.  She now dedicates her time to leading worship, speaking at conferences and retreats, and pours into the next generation of youth worship leaders. You can find her website here.

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