Monsieur Periné Plays Logjam

Logfather here… the good news is that our new Chameleon unit will be in the stores very shortly now. We have delayed the launch in order to make some significant improvements to the firmware and also one or two beneficial changes to the hardware. If you read through the manual… (currently available as a PDF from our website in English, German & French) you’ll see there are a number of extra functions which make operation of the Chameleon a lot easier and more intuitive.

We were contacted by a customer recently who alerted us to this great video of Columbian band Monsieur Periné playing their hit song “Encanto Tropical” produced by New York studio ace Fab Dupont and featuring Universla Audio interfaces and not least, a Logjam Rattlebox in the percussion department…

You might also want to take a look at Mr Dupont’s description of how he recorded the band on a Columbian island…it’s all right for some, obviously. 😊

Let us know if you would like more information about any of our Logjam stompers. We are always at the end of a telephone (number is on our site) during UK office hours. We are always happy to help.

Happy Stomping


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