Our Endorsees

We have a growing band of endorsees who use and promote our products. We are working on creating a page for each endorsee separately, but here’s a list of our current partners (in no particular order):

Adam Isaac, El Twanguero, Dave Swift, Emily Smith, Phil Doleman, Marko Balland, Rodney Branigan, Terl Bryant, Cole Washburn, Katie Marie, Paul Carrack, Aaron Douglas, Alex Lofoco, Sensorites Kev Hickman, Neil Taylor, Mick Wilson, Al Vosper, Wallis Bird, Byron Gore, Nasser Ben Dadou, Alex Kabasser, Mick Jagger, Chris Jagger, Chesney Hawkes, Massimo Varini, Radiohead, Blair Dunlop, Steve Levine, Tom Lumen, Guy Garvey (Elbow) Toast Recordings, Seasick Steve, Chris Woods, Declan O’Rourke, Seth Lakeman, Roy Fulton, Eddie Martin, Toby Goodman, John Sebastian, Bernard Purdie, Ali Handal, Clinn Rippy, Mike Veny, Nick Petty, Tim Moyer, Mario Calandrelli, Homecoming String Band, Michelle Shepherd, Sale della Terra, Sabrina Lentini, Zenne Kober, Scott Matthews, Sheriffs of Schroedingham and many others.

Watch this page and others for news on our partner artists and sign up to our website and join the Logging Community for exclusive content, offers and updates!

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