Logjam Grooveboard / Sustain Pedalboard / Stomper Pedalboard



The new Logjam Grooveboard features a 3mm ply Baltic Birch core which is double-faced with 3mm high-quality, fluted, heavy-duty rubber. Ideal for gigs or for use at home or in the studio.
When used in conjunction with any Logjam stomper it will lock the unit down to stop any movement as the Logjam units use precisely the same type of rubber base (as shown in the diagram below).
It’s also a very useful tool to hold keyboard sustain pedals in place. No more chasing your sustain pedal around the floor whilst in the middle of that vital last take. The Grooveboard will help to stabilise a wide variety of pedals.

Dimensions: 360 X 240 X 9 mm
Weight: 670g


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