Logjam Prolog Beech


Our lowest, most comfortable stomping angle

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Our new flagship Beech Pro is made from 100% sustainable European Beech.

Beech models weigh in at a very respectable 800g so are slightly heavier in fact than the Sapele Prolog units (a good thing as that keeps them rooted to the spot).The classic Logjam design and strong bassy output are unchanged. We are launching these models at an introductory price of £99.95 so get yours now .

NB: Our stompers aren’t digital sample players.They are truly responsive analog instruments.

* Low profile for stomping comfort.

* Strong bassy output.

* Ergonomic and lightweight with integral footboard.

* Made from solid Sapele.

* Focused stomping position.

* Guaranteed for 3 years

300 X 125 X 42 mm. Height from board to stomping surface:
only 2cms

Weight: 800 grams
(may vary a little)

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