Sale della Terra

The brothers Gian Marco and Giorgio Sale begin their musical career in 2007 in their home country of Sardinia, playing in several bands created by them and writing their first songs. They continued in this direction for several years until in 2015 they moved to Lombardy, in Milan, to pursue their dream.

In February 2017 Sale della Terra were born. Not finding the right space to perform, they decided to undertake the hard and tiring path of street artists. During this time, they met and got to know many people in the Italian music industry.

In 2018, Sale della Terra recorded in the studio for the production of their first album. On November 12, they published their first single “Un Mondo Che Cambia”. Currently they are busy recording their second single “Il Meglio Di Noi”.

Sale della Terra can be found on their YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook channels and on all other digital platforms. Click here to go straight to their Facebook page.

Sale della Terra currently use our Travelog and a Prolog Black Mamba special edition.

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